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Your file should be named according to your PC#, Name and then title of the work.

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PC # & NameDesign (URL)
PC # & NameDesign (URL)
01 AyeshaA Once Upon A Time Poster Ad 
02 SaadA Dodge Car Ad 
03 LeyaB First Choice Haircut  
04 TiffanyC Lollipop Ad 
05 LuvishC Rogers the fastest network 
06 BriannaC Barney Stinson Suits co. 
07 LaraD Bad Lighting 
08 KielonG The Exorcist Advertisement 
09 PrakashH Coca-Cola Advertisement 
11 MilindJ The Walking Dead: 5 Gum 
12 ShaihanJ Fifa 15 Jerseys  
13 MaxK Gourmet Chinese Cuisine 
14 Abishayak Awesome Girl Movie Add 
15 MonishaL The Duff Movie Ad 
17 SufiyaanN Flash vs. Arrow- Episode Add 
18 MalayP Dryad Academy Of Skill Enhancement 
19 KiaraP Bad Photoshop 
20 Rachel Walt Disney World 
23 PhoebeS MTV Teen Wolf Ad 
24 SaiSS Sherlock Holmes 
26 JackieZ jackie chan 
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