Classroom Jobs

Attendance Monitor: Hafsa (Sultana - retired)
Recyclers for Class 84, room 150 and 151: Hafsa and Faiqa
Recyclers for Music Rooms:  Saad and Usman
Board of Trustees: Hamza A. and Abhinav
Tech Team: Hamza R., Arnav and Muhammad K.S.
Website Homework Updates:  Hamza R. and Arnav
DPA Leader: John and Faiqa
Library Leaders: Kristin and Alesha
Agenda Checker: Muhammad K.S. (Abhinav - retired)
Ambassador: Mohammad S.
Clipboard: Ammarah (Mohammad S. - retired)
Chalkboard: Faiqa
Calendar Monitor: Myiesha
Homework Board Monitor: Eman
Athletic Council: Faiqa, Hafsa and Abhinav
Arts Council: Myiesha and Laiba.
Phone Monitors:  Mohamed E.J. (Laiba - retired)
Radio 5605:
R n R:
Class Organizer:  Sultana and Abhinav
Homework Checker: Abhinav and Sultana
Chrome Book Crew: Hamza R. Arnav, Moh. Kabir, Eman, Connor, Moh. Kulaib