Pencils And Art

posted Apr 1, 2014, 6:36 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 1, 2014, 6:36 AM by PrakashH 84 ]
 Shading with pencil, used for/by many types of art, medians, and artists. Shading with pencil is in 2 basic groups, Sketching and Shading. This topic will mostly be about shading, and not much about sketching, that will be in the next topic. Shading is varying density and pressure, hatching, squirkling, and cross-hatching are 3 main techniques of shading. Hatching gives a smooth finish, used for smooth, flat surfaces you want to display. Squirkling is squiggles and random shapes in a dense pattern at darker areas, and opposite at lighter areas. Normally used with abstract, natural shapes/fuzzy and places. Cross-hatching is very 'lined' not very smooth, much more etched and parallel lines varying in density to show dark and light. Cross-hatching can be smooth too, but it increases the effort in making it smooth, because it takes a lot of density to make the technique smooth. These are the 3 main ways to shade, use them wisely.