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  Papier-mâché is literally in french 'chewed paper', it is bound together with an adhesive to create the iconic texture. Boats, masks, sculptures, etc. can all be made from Papier-mâché. The gloop can be relatively cheap, from elmers glue and newspapers to Powdered Marble Gesso and flour. A fun fact is that papier-mache was used in war too. Americans used the mache for lightweight fuel tanks, and british used the mache for sculpting fake people to draw sniper fire. To make the most basic paper mache, you will need a bowl, paper (or any material that would absorb liquids), and a sticky substance, such as elmer's glue. You will mix up the solution, then paste it on whatever. A popular way to make hollow shapes out of papier mache is to use a balloon, and pop the balloon afterwards.